Introductory Sessions

During this session, Tonya will teach you the fundamental principals of Pilates, give you an overview of how the Pilates equipment works, discuss your goals and determine the right approach going forward. This session lasts 55 minutes.

Introductory sessions are $30.

Individual Session:

You have a genuine private session.  In most Pilates studios, there are mutliple Instructors working with mulitple clients in the same room.  This can be very distracting, and many people are uncomfortable in this environment. At Eastside Core Movement there are no distractions.  This environment also works well for clients with injuries and anxiety issues.

Individual sessions are priced at $70.


  • 5  Sessions:    $65 per session = $325 plus tax
  • 10 Sessions:   $60 per session = $600 plus tax

Duet Sessions

Duet sessions are private sessions with two participants. It’s recommended individuals do at least three private sessions prior to starting duets.

Duet sessions are priced at $50 per person or $45 per person in a package of five (ten total).


$30 per class for six week package or $35 drop in.